MBIS MISS GCHG Marinella's Smooth Criminal At Arkangel GCH Odysea Impresario At Pouch Cove GCH Claircreek Impression De Matisse
GCH Odyseas Leapin' To Pouch Cove
CH Marinella's (You'Re The) Devilindisguise GCH Pouch Cove's Mizrahi
GCH Pouch Cove's Strong Willed
CH Pouch Cove Lightly Toasted Sadie CH Timber Oaks Drift Diver CH Valkyrie Wind Over Lake Erie
CCH Timber Oaks Gypsy Rosa Lee
CH Odysea Mia Bella Pouch Cove MBIS MBISS Platinum GCH Claircreek Impression De Matisse
CH Odysea Look What The Wind Blew To Pouch Cove
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